Computer force-measurement systems

Railway wagon scales

Weight measurement of railway train in motion



Could be installed between sleepers without stopping of railway motion

Railway is not subjected to mechanical manufacturing

Could be installed on inclined railway

Fixation of wagon numbers

Fixation of load imbalance according to trucks and railways

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Installation, setup, training


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Railway scales for weight measuring in motion VRT-03

The system is developed for by-wheel weight measuring of railway transport of any configuration in motion


The installation is performed with working railway in place between sleepers without stopping of train motion during few hours.


Fast installation with keeping the railway in original condition, simple service, modern multifunctional software, autonomous working, low price – characteristics, making VRT-03 reliable, profitable assistant to the enterprises of various branches of industry, agriculture and transport.

Advantages of VRT-03


  • Scales are installed at working railway in place between sleepers without stopping of train motion. Dismantling and completion of the rail installation is not required.
  • Weighing is performing all day long without operator. During process of weighing there is carried out a photo-fixation of wagon numbers with the function of their recognition.
  • The system can be installed on an inclined surface, with the keeping of the metrological characteristics.
  • Diagnostics for each sensor allows one to monitor the technical condition of the measurement system in the addition to remote technical support via Internet.


The software performs a number of service functions:

  • identifying wagons with load imbalance on boards and rails, with over-loading on the total weight;
  • processing and archiving of weighing results;
  • identification and weighing of locomotives;
  • forming of trains.

The view of VRT-03 system.

Software GUI for VRT-03

Principal scheme of VRT-03

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